When your clinical trial needs require excellence in time, quality and results that go beyond your expectations, call on BioClin Research LLC.
We are true partners with our clients. We strive to be the leading resource to provide exceptional service and responsiveness and to satisfy your specific and unique needs.

Investigator Network


•    Quick feasibility assessment and feedback
•    Rapid site identification and recommendation
•    Prompt, ‘right first time’ document completion – centrally coordinated
•    Quick contract negotiation and completion – one contract, one budget
•    Central ethics
•    Timely patient recruitment and enrolment


•    GCP-trained investigators and coordinators
•    BCR and Site Specific SOPs
•    Ongoing SOP training
•    Continuous quality support and performance review


The goal is for all of our sites to routinely surpass enrollment expectations, and we perform exceptionally well in key trial metrics including screen-failure rates and subject completion rates.

•    Routinely surpass enrollment targets
•    Minimized screen-failure rates
•    Patient compliance and retention
•    Central enrollment strategies and initiatives
•    Centralized and site-specific advertising and media creation and placement
•    Experienced in Phase II-IV trials in multiple therapeutic areas



We know time is critical and we are committed to ensuring that studies are conducted to meet your deadlines.  Our philosophy is to focus on a limited number of projects and to provide dedicated professionals who will deliver the best and most efficient service possible.  

•    Accelerated trial start up
•    Rapid site selection and centralized ethics
•    In-house patient recruitment support services
•    Skilled contract negotiators
•    Responsiveness and accessibility in day-to-day communication with clients and sites
•    Direct access to experienced sites via the BCR Investigator network


During study execution and conduct, we shift our focus to training of investigative site personnel and ensuring the collection of clean data.  

•    Delineation of clear research objectives
•    Clinical research-experienced and GCP-trained Investigators
•    Project/quality managers
•    Comprehensive quality assurance program


We are driven to succeed and recognize that the delivery of results is of the utmost importance to our clients.  Our team has extensive experience in varied therapeutic areas and can anticipate potential barriers to patient recruitment.  We proactively build patient recruitment plans and offer tools to support and motivate our sites.   We oversee our vendors (central lab, IVRS, data management) to ensure compliance with project timelines.  

•    Accelerated trial start-up and recruitment
•    Proactive patient recruitment planning tools and campaigns
•    High-impact brand development to enhance study awareness