Investigator Portal

Becoming a BCR Investigator

If you are a primary care physician, practicing in the US, who would like to learn more about becoming a BCR investigator, please click here to access the Investigator Questionnaire. The completed form can be either emailed or printed out and faxed to BCR. We’ll get back to you as soon as possible to follow up with you personally. Please take a moment to review the following information to learn more about how BCR supports your clinical research.

Requirements of a Successful Clinical Investigator

•    Respect for the implications of delivering quality research data
•    Ability & willingness to communicate this approach to all research staff
•    Qualified & talented research staff
•    Attention to detail
•    Standardization of research processes
•    Large patient population (2,500 – 4,000+ patients)
•    Ability to screen & recruit study subjects
•    Active participation of investigator in study
•    Careful screening & selection of studies appropriate to practice
•    Adequate physical space to dedicate to monitoring visits, storage, etc.
•    Adequate research amenities on site (centrifuge, spirometry, ECG, etc.)
•    Adequate research amenities off/on site (endoscopy, x-ray, lung function, etc.)
•    Investigator/staff commitment to ongoing training/professional development
BCR is seeking experienced and/or inexperienced Canadian investigators to join our family/general practice research network.

BCR Investigator Services

1. Marketing of Investigator Network
2. Screening Study Opportunities, Site Feasibility Completion & Submission
3. Training, Training Materials, Website Accessible Guidance & References
4. Provision of Investigator Site SOPs
5. Regulatory Document Package Preparation
6. Contract Review – Systematic Review/Negotiation Process
7. Source Document Worksheet Creation
8. Recruitment Support
9. Payment Administration: Tracking & Reconciliation, Timeliness, Advocacy