About Us

BCR was created to assist with clinical trials oversight, while ensuring that clinical research and development remain safe and effective at all research facilities. We provide in-depth site project management , which will continue to enhance our reputation in the industry, as patient safety is always our primary concern.

Experienced Staff
Reduce enrollment time for your studies with help from our full-time regulatory staff. Each of our employees has an average industry experience of at least 10 years, and GCP (Good Clinical Practice) staff training is routinely updated through industry provided certification..

Company Goals
Patient safety remains as the primary focus with our expertise, which clearly spells out who we are and what we do. Through establishing and maintaining an online presence, we hope to display the vast study experience and credibility of our first-rate staff. Our goal is to provide safety to our patients, quality to our sites, and continued credibility to our sponsors.

Who We Are
A network to deliver a continual standard of excellence in meeting or exceeding our clients’ clinical trial needs and expectations. Our organization ensures compliance, consistency, and quality results.

Exceptional Principal Investigators

BCR’s exclusive networks of Principal Investigators are premier physicians. As leaders in Phase II-IV clinical trials, they take your research to a higher level. It’s not just the strength and commitment of our Principal Investigators that is the foundation of our success. Each BCR site is supervised by a dedicated Principal Investigator and Study Coordinator, as well as supported by an experienced clinical team. We ensure your study is completed in strict compliance with GCP.

Unparalleled Resources and Sites

BCR has built its reputation on managing our sites better and delivering results. We provide a higher standard of excellence in everything we do including our quality support program, continuous training, and standardized operating procedures (SOPs). From rapid site selection and initiation, to maximum patient enrollment, to centralized and site-specific advertising and media services, to central communication and paperwork, we deliver.


BCR draws on our Investigators’ expertise in primary care and our highly qualified, industry-experienced team to provide project management and all of the support services you need for the successful conduct of your clinical trial. Starting with a concept or question, we design a well-controlled study to obtain quality data and to deliver results that you can trust. Our services also include ethics submission, recruitment support, and monitoring.


Contact us to run smoother clinical trials with our professional site management services.